Sleep is Death

This is an awesome game by Jason Rohrer. Check out his site here.


This is my attempt to make a cross platform pak and resource cache manager. I hope it works well enough for most people.




Everything is provided as is with no warranty, support, or liability. If you are unsure using the provided software, please don't download. I am not responsible for anything that happens.

Sleepy Download

Runtime Dependencies

Sleepy should be able to run by itself, possibly only needing a Java Runtime environment (tested with Sun's JRE).

Ubuntu seems to be shipping with GNU Java (GCJ) which does not appear to be compatible with the Eclipse platform (which Sleepy is based on). Please install Sun's JRE in order to get Sleepy working.

I had trouble with running the application initially. I got a class definition not found exception. It looks like this is caused by the default GNU Java program that was installed. I was able to go to Sun's Java Download page, download the Linux (self-extracting) bin, give it executable rights, run the file creating jre folder, set up the path to point to the installed jre folder, and Sleepy was able to launch.

Source Code

Build Dependencies

Build Notes

Sleepy is an Eclipse Rich Client Platform application. The build process for it takes place within the Eclipse Plugin-Development IDE. I haven't done any command-line builds for this application yet so I don't know that process very well. However, I will be documenting my build process in order to make it easier to get the project up and running.